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The Importance of Supporting Local Business

Resolute Design Studio was formed in 2018 with the aim of helping small independent businesses in the Lake District reach their potential through branding and design solutions. Helping and supporting businesses creates a better environment from which everyone can prosper.

One year in and I have worked with some extremely talented and ambitious people in the area, all striving to make their services the best they can be. I have developed a great relationship with all my clients and discovered that Cumbria has an incredible amount to offer.

After speaking to these clients, and local companies in the area, I felt the need to write a blog detailing the advantages of supporting the local economy, and why it is such an amazing place for independent business. So here are my top 5 reasons why it is important to support independent business in Cumbria:
1. Local Employment Local business offers employment for people in the area, that's a given! However, according to Furness Tiles owner Joe…

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